Fall 2017 Deadline: Wednesday, October 25 at midnight

Submission Guidelines:

  • E-mail your pieces as an separate attachments to
  • Submit each piece as a separate document with the file name being the title of the piece. (Ex: You submit 2 poems entitled “Red” and “Blue”. File names would be something along the line of red.doc and blue.doc)
  • All written works be in .doc or .docx file format.
  • All art pieces be in a compatible image file format (.png is preferred).
  • A sincere/polite message in the e-mail is appreciated, but also not necessary.
  • Submit before the deadline. Anything submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed for the semester and will be deferred for review until the following semester.

Please do not:

  • Submit a piece that is not yours. Doing so is a breach of The College of New Jersey’s Academic Integrity Policy, and we will have to report you for plagiarism.
  • Copy and paste works into the body of the e-mail. Your submissions must be sent as attachments to be reviewed.
  • Write an introduction in the body of the work.
  • Submit all works under one file.
  • Submit works as anything other than accepted file formats, such as .pdf.
  • Include your name anywhere on the page of a written work, unless it is a part of the piece.
  • Submit parts of serial works, as we cannot guarantee every part will get published.
  • Submit the first or rough draft in addition to the version you want published. We only need the final version.

Submission Policy
You may submit any and every type of art that can be printed on paper: poetry, prose, short stories, short dramas, photography, sketches, paintings, etc. If you are considering writing a long piece, we suggest asking for the size of that semester’s magazine and the related length suggestions; while we do not put a length limit on submissions, it is suggested to aim for a piece that would take up no more than 2 or 3 pages in the magazine. One magazine is produced each semester; the deadline, typically, is a little more than one month before the end of the semester.

Online Publication Policy:
**Effective as of January 2016: By submitting a piece or multiple pieces for review to The Lion’s Eye, you grant us permission to publish your works online should your piece(s) be admitted into the magazine. Please be advised that other literary publications that you send submissions to may want first-print rights, and therefore please check with them before submitting works to The Lion’s Eye, as we are unable to omit your piece for online publication once our proof is set. Please see the Other Policies for more information about submitting to other literary publications.

Review Policy
During our weekly general club meetings, members review the works submitted and vote on pieces to be featured in the upcoming issue. Often times, due to our voting system, we cannot answer questions regarding the status of submissions immediately; please understand that there will be a period of time between submitting and hearing from us. Authors and artists with inquiries regarding submissions that were not accepted are encouraged to e-mail us for an explanation as to why it will not be published this semester in addition to suggestions for improvement.

Other Policies
We do not attempt to prevent the publication of pieces in other professional literary magazines, nor do we need first-print rights. If you are thinking of submitting to other professional literary magazines, please contact us and them to understand how to navigate their policies.

The Lion’s Eye reserves the right to hold onto all submitted pieces for possible future publication until the submitter graduates, the piece is reviewed, or the submitter requests the piece be released. There will be pieces that receive a “maybe yes” rating but may or may not make it into the magazine. Their publication will be determined on the number of accepted pieces and will be published should we have room in the magazine. Authors and artists with “maybe yes” or “maybe no” pieces are highly encouraged to edit and resubmit prior to the deadline in order to improve their scores and secure a place in the magazine.

If you have any questions, please first check out our FAQ page. If your question is still not answered, please e-mail us at